What’s The Deal Here?

The description below is still mostly true, except that I’ve left the retail world and returned to being an office monkey. You know, the  circle of life and all that. Speaking of which, Etta and I also have a little monkey of our own. The Kid came into our lives in November of 2012 and things will never be the same. I mean that in a good way, of course.

As life has changed, I figured it was a good time to change this blog. It’s probably going to have similar content, but will no longer be fueled by my rage toward idiot customers. Instead, it may take on a more observational tone.

Blah blah blah. Read it. Or don’t. That part hasn’t changed.

[the old “about” page follows]

I am a figment of my imagination. Or am I?

In real life, I have been a retail professional for around 20 years. Before that I was an office monkey. Before that, I couldn’t really hold down a job because I was an immature, self-absorbed asshole. I’m more mature now.

I live with my much-loved and adorkable wife, Etta*, and our two feline overlords Boycat and Girlcat. Did I say overlords? I meant protectors.

*naturally, names have been changed to give us some sense of privacy while still sharing with the entire webbernet.


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