Time Is An Illusion

Lunchtime, doubly so. So said the great Douglas Adams. Of course, that doesn’t excuse the two weeks, give or take, that have passed since my last post. Well, you know… work, life, laziness… excuses of one kind or another. I’m here now, and maybe probably back on the bloggy horse.

Really busy at work yesterday, slammin’ busy. Long lines for many hours with little relief. It’s good, but exhausting. Patience wears thin on both sides of the counter. Yesterday, The Boss decided we needed to listen to classical music for four hours. Now, I’ve got nothing against classical, but it’s not exactly conducive to, you know, being energetic at work. I’m guessing he thought it would help keep the patients, er, customers calm.

In the midst of all that came this interesting display of selfish customer nonsense. Imagine, if you will, waiting patiently in line until it’s your turn. While ordering, imagine another customer who’s already completed her order and is on her way out with her drink. Picture her, in your mind’s eye, spotting a CD she can’t live without. Now, see her behind you, waving to the clerk with the CD as if to say “I want this.” The clerk notices her over your shoulder and smiles, nodding. Now, imagine her, as you’re still mid-transaction, barging in next to you at the register, thrusting that precious CD toward the clerk so he can ring it up for her real quick. “WTF?” you think to yourself.

Now, imagine the look of shock and dismay on her face as the clerk smiles and calmly (perhaps thanks to the music?)  says, “Yes, I can get that for you. Just go ahead and get in the line.” The clerk gestures to the end of the line, which is now only about six customers.  Satisfying, right?

“Wait. I have to get back in line?” She pouts, sighs and ultimately leaves, returning us to our happy place.

No, of course you don’t have to get back in line. Buying your drink five minutes ago entitles you to come back at any time and go straight to the front of the line. These other customers don’t matter. They might not even exist.



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