It’s been five days since I last blogged.

It’s been six days since my last day off, and I have another three days of work before I get a break.

I am tired.

I weirded myself out today at work. Often, when someone pays with a gift card, they will say “I don’t know how much is on here” as they hand me the card. I frequently will pull a number out of thin air, sometimes pressing the card to my forehead for effect: “You have… $3.12 on here.”

I’m always wrong, but it’s entertaining. Today it went like this:

Customer: “I don’t know how much is on here, but let’s use it up.”

Me (holding the card up to my forehead and closing my eyes for a moment): “There’s forty-seven cents on here.”

We both smile as I swipe the card in the reader. I check the amount that was taken from the card:


I probably should buy a lottery ticket.


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