Nothing To Report

I skipped posting yesterday, something I blame on laziness coupled with a pretty uneventful shift at work. Of course I know I don’t have to always post about work–and I don’t–but I often seek my inspiration there. And there wasn’t really any.

As I type this, I’m listening to KEXP, my local non-profit, listener-supported radio station. You can listen on the online. You should. Anyhow, the CD they’re playing had one of those little skippy things that CDs often do. At first, being unfamiliar with the song, I thought that’s how it went. The DJ just came on to list the songs he just played and he mentioned the skippy one, saying, “…we didn’t get to finish that one because it was dirty. Not FCC dirty, but dirty like, when I turned it over it looked like it’d been run over by a truck.” Nice. now playing: My Morning Jacket – Holding On To Black Metal. This is currently one of my favorite songs. Yay!

I lied before. There was one thing about yesterday’s shift: I worked at a different store, covering a shift for another barista. The store is near my original store, and also near where two video stores I worked at used to be. I often see my old video customers at the coffee stores there, and they look at me like they think they know me but the setting is wrong. Yesterday I had a customer who looked familiar to me and I recognized her name on her card. She looked at me the way they often do and I told her she probably knew me from the movie store. She nodded and agreed, but then said she never went to the one I mentioned. I told her there was another one before that and she said, “Yeah! That’s probably it…” but she still seemed confused about it. She came back a few minutes later and proudly announced, “Belize! I went to Belize with you and your wife on a diving trip!”

Me: “Oh yeah. Wow. That was a long time ago, but yes. You’re right.”

She: “So, how is your wife? What was her name?”

Me: “The Ex. We’re not together anymore. My new wife’s name is Etta.”

She: “Oh. Uh. Well, how is she?

I love to make people feel awkward.


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