One Month Review

Okay, so it’s been a month, give or take a day or two. I started this blog near the end of March fully intending to do one thing: Write.

I’ve mostly done that.

I committed (kind of) to the postaday challenge thinking it would help me stay with it. I figured if I said I was gonna post every day I’d stay on it and actually post every day.

I’ve sort of done that.

Yeah, I missed a couple of days, partly due to a weird work schedule and partly due to laziness. I suppose, too, partly due to the sad truth that I don’t think half the shit that happens in my life is interesting to anyone but me, and certainly not funny enough or irritating enough to write about.

Yes, that’s dumb. Yes, I will work on this attitude in the coming months.

I’ve noticed a trend of searches that land people here. The top one being “Your mother (or mama) doesn’t (or don’t) work here!” That’s kinda nice.

Today is Etta’s birthday. We got a wonderful and delicious cake from friends with a catering business. We’re gonna watch a movie and eat some homemade pizza. Fascinating, no?

Actually, there was a thing yesterday at work that I wanted to share. I just needed to buffer it with the above paragraphs to make this post seem longer. A customer handed over his credit card for payment and I checked the back for a signature as I usually do. Instead of a signature or the common “See ID” message, there was this:


I lol’d.

Happy Sunday, folks.


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