Happy Easter!

In honor of the day, Etta and I had chocolate eggs and bunnies. Then she made a lovely roasted asparagus soup, though I’m not sure how that ties in to Easter, exactly. While we ate, we watched a movie in which a powerful man gathers some followers, visits a city of corruption*, is crucified, rises from the dead and finally leads thousands of people away from their pagan rituals.


Conan The Barbarian.

*I never noticed the dude fucking a lama before. Um. Whoa.



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2 responses to “Happy Easter!

  1. Are you telling me that as many times as my husband has made me sit through that classic piece of cinematic history, I missed a dude fucking a lama? Are you fucking kidding me?

    • Trufax. After they arrive in “Civilization!”, Conan and Subotai eat street vendor food, shop for swords and seek information on the snake cult. A vendor gives them some information and also sells them black lotus. High as fuck on the BL, they wander into the red light district. As they wander down the stairs past the whores, there is a man in the background sexing up a llama. This is just seconds before Conan punches the camel in the face.
      I was as surprised as you.

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