Along For The Ride

Long lines today, all day. I’m coming down with something, one of the other guys working today is coming down with something, one of the guys who was supposed to work today is out sick and yet another coworker is having some medical issues. Hurray for running busy and shorthanded. Time flies when you’re just trying not to keel over.

We have a pair of guys who come in every day mid-morning. They seem like engineers, so I’ll call them Engineer Dudes 1 and 2. They are always friendly and willing to joke around a bit. Oddly, it’s rare that both of them will order on any given visit. Engineer Dude 1 almost always orders; Engineer Dude 2 only orders sometimes. There seems to be no pattern, but it doesn’t matter because they’re awfully nice and we like them a lot.

So they come in today and get in line. They wait, chatting with each other like they usually do. The line is long, so they wait a while. They finally get up to the register and break off their conversation, turning to look at me.

Me: “Hey, guys. How’s it going today?”

Engineer Dude 1: “Good, thanks. You?”

Me: “Pretty good, busy today. Whatcha havin’ today?”

Engineer Dude 1: “Me? Nothing today.” He looks at Engineer Dude 2. “Dude?”

Engineer Dude 2: “Huh? No. I don’t want anything. I thought you wanted something.”

We looked at one another for a moment, then ED1 and ED2 chuckled and shrugged.

ED1: “I guess we’re gonna just go now.”

Me: “Good to see you guys. Have a good weekend.”

I love my job.


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