Antisocial Media

Cruising the postaday2011 pages today, I came across this post on A Scribbler’s Tale wherein she speaks to questions of who to follow and/or who to unfollow on Twitter. An interesting question, but one I can’t really give two craps about.

See, I pretty much hate all the social media options for one reason or another.

I won’t say I don’t participate. I do. But while some of you have 397 Facebook friends and 8376 Twitter followers and are following 4827 Twitter feeds yourself, my stats look like this:

Facebook: 73 friends. Of those, more than half have been muted because I don’t want to hurt their feelings by unfreinding them. But I also don’t want to read their mind-numbingly stupid and self-absorbed status updates. I have a handful of friend requests that will go unanswered for the same reasons. If I haven’t seen or spoken to you since high school (where we weren’t precisely friends) what exactly is the point?

Twitter: I think I have an account, having at one time been interested in seeing how it worked. Following: 0. Followers: I’d be surprised if there were any, but I forget how to log in anyhow, so we’ll never know.

Plurk: I got on plurk to keep in touch with some of my “friends” from Second Life (which I don’t log in to for weeks or months at a time). I have 9 friends, one of whom has been muted. Of the remaining eight, three post regularly. I post rarely. I will say this in plurk’s favor: the time-line layout is far superior to Twitter’s impossible-to-follow-threads format and it completely lacks the app-spam overload of Facebook.

And speaking of posting, when it comes to Facebook I update my status sporadically. I often go weeks without posting something in the “what’s on your mind?” box. I just don’t understand the drive to share the smallest details of your lives:

Soooooo hungover! Ugh, I hate my life

I found my red gloves!

Dinner tonight was delicious. We had kroplocsmia with avocado-glazed faffolini and the cutest monkey brains!

Molly pooped in my shoe this morning while I was making her breakfast, so we we’re going to be late for school.

Finally at school, dropping Molly off. My shoe still smells like poop.

Boss just asked me why the office smells like poop. Should run home at lunch and change my shoes.

*heavy sigh*

Jeebus, just kill me already. And you know, that last one happens way too often, kids. There’s even a name for it: vaguebooking. Stop it. Just stop.


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