These Go To Eleven

Boycat and Girlcat are eleven years old today. I remember bringing home the two little balls of fur, mewing cutely like two mewing, furry, cute things. Kinda like this:

evil under the surface

They seem so innocent here.

Boycat soon grew into this:

My box. Mine.

Get your own fucking box.

While Girlcat developed some very antisocial behaviors:

get back!

Seriously, dude. Stay the fuck away from me.

Darlings, both of them.

I’ll say this in their defense: It hasn’t been a dull eleven years. Boycat is pretty friendly when he’s not completely insane, and Girlcat has consistently improved over the years. We can pet her and she will now often sit on a lap. Don’t even think of picking her up or actually holding her, though. And no sudden moves.

Happy birthday to my two little monsters.

Note: the cats in the photos are not my cats. But they are reasonable facsimiles.


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