Can We Talk For A Minute About Your Blog?

Spelling counts. As does punctuation. And grammar, though maybe I can let you slide on that one a little. 😉

In the ten days since I started this blog, I find myself reading your blogs more and more. Or trying to read them, anyhow. I take a few minutes, sometimes a whole lot of minutes, to scroll through the Freshly Pressed selections and the postaday2011 tags. You are a creative bunch of writer-types and I look to you for inspiration for my own writing. I’ve found a few very interesting and entertaining blogs in the past week-and-a-little-bit and hope to discover many more along the way.

Since anyone can have a blog (just pick a name and you can be a blogger, too!) there are, frankly, a lot of shitty blogs out there, too. I’m not going to name names because all you have to do is browse the recent posts lists to find any number of crappily-written, self-indulgent “look at me, I’m on the Internet!” blogs. This may well be one of them, in fact. But I care about things like spelling and punctuation and using actual words, so I have that going for me.

Case(s) in point:

Alot isn’t a word, unless you mean allot. Other words you mash-up include atleast and upfront (yes, I know upfront is a word, but what you meant was up front as in “in advance” or “before”).

Learn the differences between your and you’re. And there, their, and they’re. And eight other words you consistently misspell and/or misuse.

Use your words. Texting and instant messaging have led to an evolution of the written word, and not in a good way. It’s one thing if you’re mashing phone buttons with your thumbs on an ancient FlipFone9000 using T9, but I’m pretty sure I’m the last person on Earth without a smart phone or at least a phone with a full keyboard. But since we’re talking about blogs here, there’s no reason I can imagine in my Big Huge Brain [tm] for your posts to read like Prince lyrics. Y wud u do tht 2 ur rdrs?

Spell check is your friend. Don’t neglect or outright ignore it. The grammar bot is pretty cool, too. I’m learning a thing or two from it. Go to Personal Settings and turn on Proofreading (why it’s there and not in Settings/Writing is beyond me).

Take a look at what you just wrote before you publish it. It’s all too easy to miss typos, especially when they’re real words (like and when you mean an). Reading through your post before you publish can help you catch those embarrassing little goofs.

If you try to do those things, I will try being less judgmental and nit-picky about the little things. Deal?



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4 responses to “Can We Talk For A Minute About Your Blog?

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I, too, am a grammar nazi. Pet peeves:

    People who pronounce nuclear as “NUKE-you-luhr.”
    People who say “A whole ‘nother…”
    People who say “irregardless”

    Oh, there are many others.

    • Oh, god yes. The list does indeed go on. And on. And on.

      And you’re welcome. I love your stories. In fact, I think your ham guy and restaurant person are customers of mine 😉

      • Thanks! In today’s, I describe harassing a drunken pregnant woman.

        Most of my coffeehouse customers were very nice, regulars, and knew exactly what they wanted. The teenagers were the pits.

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