Appreciated Is Good

Some days it seems like I get a whole bunch of wonderful people in front of me. Today was one of those days. After the emotional disaster that was yesterday, it was a much-needed and welcome way to spend Monday at work. Even if I did have to get up at 3:30 am to do it.

There was the nice woman who orders a bone-dry cappuccino which, as it turns out, is how I drink them when I drink them. There’s something really delicious about a thick, meringue-like glob of foam sitting on top of dark, caramelly espresso that you just don’t get when your cap’ is on the wetter side. The look of delight on her face when she picked it up and it was exactly the way she wanted it would have made my day, but she took the time to gush about it and thank me repeatedly for making it for her.

There were the two adorable older women with the Kiwi accents who giggled and smiled and chatted their way through our short time together, and the regular customer behind them who couldn’t help but join in the fun, commenting that she wanted to spend the day with them and that I was her favorite clerk.

Those are just two of many examples of connections today, the kind that really make my job enjoyable. Thank you for that.

Your assignment for the week is to connect with your favorite clerk and let them know you appreciate them.


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